Holy Punch

Holy Punch

Gyeong-cheol and Tae-yong, the two leaders of a Gang of KING RIBS, celebrate Jang Boss's birthday, and and In-seong attacks. Gyeong-cheol and Tae-yong, who barely managed to escape after Jang Boss died, hide in the church of angels and a temple called Hiding Temple, respectively, avoiding the pursuit of In-seong. Gyeong-cheol, who fled to the church of angels, which was ruined by a fraudulent pastor, is revered as a new pastor, and Tae-yong lives with the chief monk and Hwanjang monk, kicking out miscellaneous criminals hiding in a temple named Hidingsa. In-seong takes advantage of the disappearance of Gyeong-cheol and Tae-yong to engage in private loans and human trafficking, and in the meantime, detective Cha Do-pil's family dies from In-seong. In response, the angry detective Cha Do-pil visits Gyeong-cheol and Tae-yong and proposes a temporary alliance to catch Hwang In-seong. Now, a funny joint operation between the pastor, the monk, and the shaman cop begins.

Genre: Action , Comedy

Actor: Oh Dae-hwan , Ji Seung-hyun , Kim Jung-tae , Lee Yong-kyu

Director: Koh Hoon

Country: South Korea


Duration: 98

Release: 2024

IMDb: 0/10

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